Our history

We are a family enterprise located in San Isidro, Pérez Zeledón and Uvita, Osa. Our focus is on creation, selling and installation of products to cover windows (curtains, blinds and others) and all kind of surfaces including ceiling and soils. Besides we offer a great variety of products for interiors decoration.

Since 1992 to today we have worked taking our values of service, excellence on delivery, quality and innovation. For this last reason is that we can say, that we are the larger enterprise on the zone on its field of experience, adquired along 26 years. All of this thank to our custom designs and a vast variety of colors and materials on our products.

We see our customers as allies that provide vital feedback for us to satisfy the market needs.

We count on staff with human warmth and wide professional background that will be so glad to provide that personalized advice about design, space usage, color and illumination for your home, apartment, office or organization.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are waiting to serve you.


Nidia Elizondo Castro.